Hosepipe Attachments

Hosepipe Attachments

Hosepipe attachments are a fundamental part of your gardening hose experience. A good attachment will enable you to douse your plants with the right volume and density of water. Getting a reliable and robust connection is key to stress-free watering, so it’s best to consider this during the decision-making process when looking to invest in a new hose. Read on to find out some top tips to keep in mind when looking for the optimal hose attachment.

Attach with ease

There are lots of hosepipe attachment options available to buy but don’t fret, it doesn’t have to be a head scratcher. Nowadays, most hose products come with their connecting parts included and additional attachments can be purchased for specific uses, but let’s look at some of the nifty options out there and breakdown what to look out for.

Firstly, compared to other hose options, YOYO hoses come completely ready to use. Equipped with all the necessary accessories, these hoses include a multi-jet spray gun, fittings with Aquastop system and a standard snap-fit tap connector with sealing ring. If you’ve not used the Aquastop system before, let me explain why this is vital: this system shuts off the water flow when the spray gun is detached from the hose and the fitting is removed from the tap. Furthermore, this fantastic connecting system has been designed to make hose life as simple and easy as possible. So much so that, for anyone who prefers visual learning, YOYO have helpfully provided video tutorials on how to first connect your new hose, click here to see an example of just how quick and pain-free it can be!

Each YOYO attachment has been specifically designed to be as durable as their hose counterpart, providing a strong seal with no leakage. That’s why YOYO offer an unrivalled 5-year warranty once you’ve purchased the product. What’s more, in the unlikely event that either the fittings or the hose break they can be effortlessly replaced. This reassurance is priceless because a durable hose is only as good as the connectors, so it’s best that these aren’t susceptible to breakage or leaks. At least with a YOYO hose you have a guarantee that both are in tip top shape.

The YOYO hoses deliver a cutting-edge hose design and an attachment with a continuous adjustment, for setting incremental water levels. This will give you a manifold of watering options, anything from a fine mist to a dense coverage—with you at the controls. Plus, the multifunctional spray nozzle has a continuous flow rate regulation. This exclusive FITT design features the flow lever on the back, so it can be operated with a single hand and is easy to work. So whatever your watering needs, there’s bound to be the right setting for you.

Correct connector custom

Now that you’ve found your match made in heaven, let’s look at ways in which you can implement its use to best effect and ways in which you can keep it at its best.

For first use, start by connecting the attachment using the tap’s easy-to-use snap-fit connection and then the hose can attach onto that. Turn on the tap to watch it extend to full length but don’t worry no water will discharge until you’re behind the controls of the spray jet. When your ready, walk your full extended hose over to the area in need of water and using your hand (only one hand is needed because it’s so lightweight) push the lever to start the water flow. For more or less water coverage simply alter the setting and it will adjust accordingly. When you’re happy with the water quantity, release the trigger and the water will stop—no fuss, no spills. You can then walk over to the tap to turn this off. Again, there’s no need to rush to the tap because no water will escape whilst you’re not pushing the lever!

The YOYO watering system really cares for itself, which is why it’s guaranteed to be an imperative part of your watering practises for at least the next five years. But more than that, the attachment options are truly designed with gardeners in mind and are therefore a low-maintenance addition to your gardening tool kit. There’s no need for any special care requirements, the best tip to generally extend the life of any garden hose is to put it away after use. Fortunately, the YOYO hose design allows your storage requirements to be minimal. When packing away, it’s advisable to detach the spray gun from the hose as this will enable you to neatly store them together and will ensure not to put strain on the adjoining parts.

This hose really has it all. It’s easy to use, easy to store and comes with everything you need to get started. The attachments are the cherry on top of this beautifully designed cake and really add to the sleek operation, making this a must-have for your gardening duties and a brilliant Christmas present for your loved ones this year. Give them the gift of stress-free gardening because, with the YOYO hose, watering has never been simpler!