Let’s Explore Spring – Primroses

Let’s Explore Spring – Primroses

Spring is now knocking at the door. So, why not start redesigning your green space outdoors? There are thousands of potential ideas, from designer ones to green ones. To start you off, we are going to give you a completely green idea.

Let’s get the ball rolling with the #greentips feature, telling you about a flower that is ready to give colour and scent to your outdoor spaces: the primrose!

Some interesting facts

There are different types of primroses (approximately 20) that come in different colours: from the most flamboyant and cheerful to the softer and more delicate varieties. From pink, lilac, golden yellow and violet to white, bright red with a golden centre, electric blue and orange, there is a real explosion of shades!

How to grow them

After indulging in the choice of colours for your primroses to best suit your outside space, you can consider yourself ready to plant them correctly!

Taking care of your primroses requires just a few simple tricks. Nevertheless, it is important for you to bear in mind some fundamental steps.

Remember to:

  • Plant them between March and April
  • Grow them in moist soil that is well fertilised with compost or rich in humus
  • Place them in a sheltered and partially shaded area, away from heat and drafts
  • Apply liquid fertiliser once every 10 days during full flowering
  • Protect them from slugs and snails in spring using slug and snail bait
  • Water them regularly, but not too much, so that the soil remains damp

To help you with your watering, there’s YOYO! As well as being easy to use, the iconic, extendable, bright red hose is so light and handy that it is perfect for small spaces like gardens, porches or patios.

So, now you know what you have to do, put your gloves on and get to work! Are you ready?